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Integrated Campaigns

01 The Shield Content Hub

What started out as a short-term campaign landing page grew into a full-scale awareness and thought leadership website with bi-weekly content releases.


With the market share for cybersecurity products falling, Juniper APAC sought new ways to reach new customers and gain mindshare as the leading security provider in the networking space.

We responded with ‘The Shield’, an always-on content hub built from the ground up to promote thought leadership, product awareness and bottom-of-the-funnel content to enable business and tech decision makers to appropriately address their organisation's security risks.


By choosing a self-serve WordPress platform, we were able to quickly upload new content from our global and local teams. It also made it easier for field marketers to create emails on the fly with a built-in eDM generator that showcased relevant content from ‘The Shield’.




02 Analyst Market Study

How do you get relevant stats for your region when 80% of your organisation’s focus is on the other side of the world?

An independent study conducted with Ovum, the research firm, asked 350 cybersecurity decision makers in 11 APAC countries to share their current cybersecurity posture, future projects, and the impact from security breaches within their organisation.


Created for our thought leadership campaign, a whitepaper was jointly released by Juniper’s Marketing and PR departments, while insights from the main study were further broken down into bite-size formats such as infographics, a podcast and teaser video ads on social media.

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Campaign Assets Videos, Podcast & Webinar


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03 Firewall Promo Campaign

What if deciding how and when to upgrade a firewall was made simple and easy?


We decided to educate customers on the importance of upgrading their firewall and the huge risks associated with using outdated firewalls in their organisation.


We developed a tactical campaign to address the drastic increase in obsolete firewalls. It included emails, buyer's guides, and an independent analyst report on Asia’s cyberthreat landscape. The campaign resulted in a large rise in firewall orders for Juniper.

Buyer's Guide

Security_BuyersGuide_Net New_190214.jpg



Teaser Video

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