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Video & Podcasts

01 Customer Stories - DBS Bank

AI-trained cars, virtual races and 3,000 employees battling it out for the top spot… How do you tell an exciting story like that in a WFH setting?


During strict COVID restrictions in Singapore, we were unable to capture essential onsite B-roll of battery-powered cars. To solve this, we sourced footage from virtual and previous races in order to tell the customer story.


This video showcases the journey DBS took to scale-up digital learning tools and platforms within the bank, enabling employees to upgrade their skills even when they were not physically in the office.


By scripting, storyboarding, and providing editing guidance, I led this production with a passionate remote crew based in Washington.

02 YouTube Promo video

‘The Brady Bunch’ meets ‘Mind Your Language’. Believe it or not, the toughest part was making sure everyone had a Google T-Shirt that fit them perfectly.


Google Cloud launched a new YouTube channel for APAC and wanted to introduce the channel on Twitter and Facebook.


The hyper-inclusive launch video featured Google Cloud employees from different ethnic backgrounds, and in different roles, welcoming audiences in a variety of languages.

03 Visual Storytelling & Explainer Videos

There comes a point in every marketer’s career when they create an explainer video. What I've learned is – if you blend art, design, and music – your videos will have far greater longevity.


These videos were produced to break down complex technology frameworks into easy-to-grasp ideas.

04 The Shield Podcasts

It wasn’t just about products. We talked about Blade Runner, the camaraderie of gamers and the constant reshaping of tech culture.


This podcast series evolved as a natural extension of the success of ‘The Shield’ thought leadership campaign. We set out to increase the profile of local industry experts, many from within the ranks of Juniper, by providing an entertaining and accessible platform for their views on current tech trends.


Some podcast episode highlights were converted to motion-graphic videos for amplification on paid social campaigns and Juniper's YouTube channel. Experience the full podcast series here.

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