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Personal Projects
Videos I have produced and edited.

01 Pre-Wedding Video

After viewing a Farewell Appreciation Video that I had made (shared below), my colleague – and now good friend – trusted me with creating her Pre-Wedding Video.


The 7-minute montage video was eventually screened at her wedding reception. The couple loved that I managed to bring out the quirkiness of their relationship and how comical they often appear to those that know them best.

02 Wrapped at AWS 2021

With this end-of-year retrospective video, I wanted to move away from the usual newsletter style updates and create something more inspired by Apple ads and Google’s ‘Year in Search’ videos.

03 Farewell Appreciation Video

Office Manager: We’re having a farewell party for the VP. How do we make it fun?


Yash: I’ve got an idea. *puts on DP hat* We’ll sit our colleagues down, ask them to candidly recall memorable moments about the VP and I'll edit them into an appreciation piece for the party.

04 Juniper Employee Campaign

Lurking in the office on a Sunday afternoon with a tripod, DSLR camera and a perceived intruder (my sister) could have potentially alarmed my colleagues. But it turned out to be worth the setup and time.

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